Archive for May, 2010 will never lead you to some average mass manufacturer of reproduction watches that flood the Internet with offers of super-cheap watches. These are no throwaway watches. After all, what good is a great looking watch if it constantly breaks down? Our mission is recommend an OMEGA replica that you can be proud of and that no one will know is a replica – unless you tell them. The SeaMaster, Speedmaster and Planet Ocean models in both men’s and women’s styles are the most popular models, and the most frequently reproduced. We at can recommend retailers who produce exceedingly fine reproductions of the originals at a fraction of the price. With proper care you should be able to get years of service from your OMEGA replica.

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While there is no question that Omega watches are attractive time pieces, it is the quality of workmanship that sets them apart. In 1879, Omega was one of the first makers to switch from the time worn practice of using the assembly workshop method of making watches to the manufacture process. This allowed the company to improve its quality by gaining control of the entire production process. Omega was also a pioneer in the creation of water resistant watches in the late 1940’s.  So trusted is Omega’s quality that they were chosen by NASA as the “official” wrist watch for every Apollo lunar mission.  Today the Omega Seamaster diver’s watch even has a pressure relief valve to allow helium built up during extended periods in a mini submarine or diving bell to be released upon return to the surface. Omega’s new co-axial escapement technology represents a quantum leap in watch manufacturing technology by allowing a watch to function indefinitely without the need for lubrication. Despite being taken over by trendy manufacturer Swatch in 1998, Omega maintains its traditional focus on classic timepieces crafted with impeccable quality.

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