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Who didn’t like the great Quantum Solace Bond movie? Well, now you can definitely express your love for it by buying a feature watch that was also used in the movie. Even if the watch wasn’t featuring a well-known Bond movie, it definitely has a nice style and design as it is part of the Seamaster Planet Ocean collection that many of us love. However, because it has been linked to the movie, it gained even more popularity and it’s probably a big treat for movie watches collectors. Those who will probably pick this watch are younger men who love to live dangerously and like expressing that but there might be some in the older male population that will surely enjoy wearing this beautiful timeless accessory.

22 Quantum OmegaCheap Omega Copy

This is definitely a work of art and the materials used for making it and all the technology behind it, make this watch an amazing accessory.  Since Omega usually produces these watches in a short series, a lot of people have to make sure that they hurry up when buying such a beauty.

 This collectible piece comes in 42mm size that is perfect for both bigger wrists and smaller ones as it is a mid-size diameter. With the name of the movie on the dial there’s definitely no trouble recognizing this watch so fans will certainly get what they want. Also, it comes with a cool strap and clasp with a dial that introduces a cool sleek and comfortable to wear design. It looks like rubber as it imitates the favorite gun of the famous Bond character. You will also notice a beautiful 007 logo that also appears on the back and the watch features Co-Axial chronometer. Other details that make this watch unique are definitely there: for example, the title of the movie engraved on the side, and different beautiful white accents on the dial that will certainly make it stand out even more.

Whether you want to feel like Daniel Craig in the movie, or you simply want to wear a beautiful collectible watch in a limited edition, the Quantum Solance Seamaster Omega Watch is certainly the right pick for a gentleman.

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We are presented with the beautiful Ladymatic collection from Omega, a collection that not only features gorgeous watches but also has an amazing approach to women’s watches. With some smooth glamorous watches and other much simple and sophisticated in their minimalism, this collection never fails to amaze us.

The Omega Ladies Ladymatic watches measure 34mm so they are absolutely perfect for a woman’s delicate wrist; although there are many model versions in the collection, the ones described here are the 18k gold case versions, one simple and the other with lovely diamonds set on the bezel. You will notice that both watches have a lovely elegant touch to them and they are absolutely gorgeous with elegant attire. However, the simpler one can definitely be worn in more casual situations, but we have to let the diamond watch for special events. The simpler model features beautiful self-winding automatic chronometer movement with solid 18k Rose Gold case and bracelet and scratch resistant sapphire crystal. It’s also resistant to 100 meters and features a lovely bracelet with deployment buckle. The watch has a 50 hour power reserve and you will notice that this model and the diamond one has a beautiful 50s touch to it so the woman who wears this watch will definitely borrow some of the 50s elegance and sophistication.

21 Omega Ladymatic Watch Replica Copy

Cheap Omega Copy

The Ladymatic that features diamonds has the same characteristics as the simple one, but with a more glamorous touch. You will notice a date window at 3 o’clock on both watches and beautiful alpha shaped hands with Super-LumiNova so that you can read the time on all conditions. Another interesting fact about these watches is that both of them are certified chronometers.

Both watches can only be characterized as graceful and definitely something that a woman would love, if you choose to get this watch as a gift. The watches feature the Omega Co-Axial calibre 8520/8521 also featuring the escapement invented by George Daniels, so along with beauty, the watch has a lot of efficient technologies behind it.

Omega Ladymatic Watches collection is surely something to admire, the design and style is one of the best out there and definitely sets the collection apart.

Omega Speedmaster Racing is one of the newest watches from the Omega Speedmaster collection, a watch that is famous for two things: its great design and its affordability. Numerous authors and journalists have praised the watch for bringing the Omega luxury and prestige for a lower price as the watch is known to cost under $5000. Although this price is still not a great deal for the average person it does bring high end luxury watches closer to the average population that wants a well-known brand watch that can make them confident of the precision their watch has. Also, the fact that more people are able to afford a watch from the Speedmaster collection is definitely a big deal, when we realize that this is actually the most popular Omega collection.

18 Omega Speedmaster Racing

The mechanism of this watch is very high quality as it features a self-winding chronograph movement with the popular caliber 3300. Even if this is a cheaper caliber, it still as precise and good as the rest of the watches and it comes with 31 jewels and 28,800 vph, with a power-reserve of 52 hours. However, another aspect that has made people crazy about this watch is the way it looks. It comes with a beautiful stainless steel 40mm case that is polished and brushed making it look even more luxurious and a dial that shows the unique design the company chose for this model. The dial has different color variations but we will focus here on the model with yellow and grey accents, a model that definitely makes us think about the racing track.  Omega Speedmaster Racing comes with a stainless steel bracelet but you can also choose a rubber one if you feel more comfortable wearing that. With its visually striking style, the watch is a perfect accessory for someone who is younger and wants to wear a high end cheaper watch. Some of the watch functions are: hours, minutes, a central chronograph seconds hand, three sub-dials, 30 minute recorder and 12 hour counter and that’s pretty impressive for a watch that is also very affordable.

If you want a watch that shows your style and love for speed and cars, but also doesn’t make a hole in your pocket, the Omega Speedmaster Racing watch is the perfect accessory for you.

Created to be the follow-up of the Omega Flightmaster, the beautiful Omega Spacemaster Z-33 is definitely the watch of the future and provides features that will surely help anybody adapt in tough circumstances. It is part of the Speedmaster family and this can be shown through its focus on the technology behind it and how it can help certain professionals. If you don’t remember, the Speedmaster watch was worn by Neil Armstrong in space, so the Spacemaster had to be even more amazing.

The watch comes with an interesting design, made from unusual materials that give its style a futuristic touch. Overall, the watch distinguishes itself through the interesting shape with rough angles but also some unusually rounded areas. The watch is made from brushed grade 5 titanium in a minimalistic manner. It comes with a 43mm size and its light weight makes it perfect to wear during long hours. The watch has beautiful skeleton hands on a black dial and 2 types of straps: rubber and leather stitched, both elegant and comfortable to wear. Although this watch looks amazing and has been praised for the way it was designed, its features are its strongest point.

17 Omega Spacemaster Z-33

The watch comes with so many features, the brand had to create an application for iPad to help owners learn them all. You can download it for free if you want to see what this watch is capable of. It comes with the classic chronograph, date and LED but it also has interesting features like customizable buttons or turning the watch face into a digital screen. Also, being a watch designed for pilots it comes with memory where you can store flight times, calendar, annual weeks, flight computer and countdown timer. However, one of the best features is the improved battery saving mode which will definitely come in handy during those long flights.

Omega Spacemaster Z-33 is definitely a watch that you will love or hate, but nonetheless admire for the amazing technology behind it or its interesting look. If you ever get the chance of wearing one on your wrist, you shouldn’t miss it.

In 2014 the Winter Olympic Games will be held in Russia at Sochi and Omega has created a beautiful and luxurious collection to celebrate this. The collection features watches for both men and women in a limited series featuring the Seamaster Planet Ocean watches, a collection that was simply called Sochi 2014. This is not the first time Omega creates a collection for the Olympic Games as it also created amazing watches for about 26editions since 1932. Omega officials declared that the watch is intended to capture both the spirit of the Olympic Games and the Russian culture with a futuristic touch and modern style to it.

16 Seamaster Planet Ocean Sochi 2014

The men’s version of this beautiful collection is a nicely designed 45.5 diameter case watch made with luxurious brushed and polished steel. The back case contains the Olympic logo and the colors blue and red that represent Russia can be found as accents on the face of the watch. The watch comes central hour, minute and seconds hands that are white with silver accents but also exclusive Geneva waves in arabesques on the bridges and the oscillating mass. Also, you will notice that it features the popular Omega Co-Axial caliber 8520 movement. The Seamaster Planet Ocean Sochi 2014 comes with features like a chronometer, helium escape valve, a unidirectional rotating bezel and date. It also has a water resistance of 600 meters. The crystal is a scratch resistant sapphire with anti-reflective treatment on both sides for better visibility and the watch has automatic winding in both directions to reduce winding times.

This watch also comes in a model created for women, a model that features beautiful feminine touches with a small 37.5 diameter case with white with blue, red and silver accents that make it stand out.

If you wanted to get one of this watches you should know that the fact that it is featured in a limited edition makes it very expensive for the average person but until now no price has been declared by the officials. However, this watch definitely deserves whatever high price tag it will have as the amazing craftsmanship and the idea behind it make it almost priceless.

The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M Limited Edition Skyfall replica is without doubt one of the best watch replicas that have ever been made. When we hear an Omega reference in pop culture there is clearly only one name that pops up in our head, and that is James Bond, the famous agent 007 and that entire franchise. The collaboration between the Swiss watch makers and the Bond movies began in 1995 when Pierce Brosnan wore an Omega watch in GoldenEye. No James Bond movies since has been without its Omega watch, and the newest installment in the series is no different with Daniel Craig sporting the new Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M Limited Edition Skyfall.


The watch will be made in a limited amount of 5007 pieces and will have a bunch of special features and a very special presentation case. Most people won’t even get to see this watch but now you can have it at a fraction of the cost with this absolutely fantastic replica.

Sure replicas have a sort of stigma attached to them, because in the past some were poorly made out of cheap materials and had designs that look nothing like the original. This is definitely not the case, this replica is as close to the original as you can possibly get. It was made out of the best materials available and has the same fantastic look and feel of the original. The automatic mechanism is just as precise as the original and the whole watch will give off the same air of chic coolness as the famous agent gives off in this new movie.

This is a watch that will be instantly recognized by both watch enthusiasts and the fans of Bond movies, so you will certainly be in the center of a lot of interesting conversation if any of them see this fantastic watch around your wrist.

There isn’t a better deal out there, a precise well-built watch that has the same built quality as the original at a fraction of the cost, while maintaining the unique flair that a watch made for a super spy has.

The watch that makes us think of Cinderella-like stories where the hero from humble beginnings manages to achieve an important status while remaining true to its own style. The Omega De Ville started as a simple line of blue collar watches in the 60s that were not meant for the higher class. Over the years, the same collection has become one of the most valued amongst the Omega brand as well as other big luxury manufacturers in the whole world. With such a nice story behind it, the Omega De Ville is proud to introduce new models to the collection that will have the new in-house calibre 9300 and 9301 movements.

The new models come in either 18-carat red gold or stainless steel and while the materials are very different, both versions look perfect. The red gold version is considered the top of its line and at a price of $29,000, it isn’t meant for everybody. It is important to notice that this expensive watch actually looks expensive and that it has some very interesting micro-mechanics that make it more than just a pretty face amongst its high-valued competitors.

For those that are looking for something a bit more affordable but still get the 42mm of style and class, the stainless steel version will be just perfect. This will just set you back $8,300-9,000 and it keeps the same modern lines and precise movement.

Everything from the refined design to the golden hands indicating the roman numerals represents a certain quality and luxury for which the whole collection has become known over the years, despite its humble beginnings. Depending on the version, there are three dials available; black silver and blue.

Aside from its looks, the new De Ville watches come with a tri-level co-axial escapement that is considered one of the most stable ones on the market. It offers a high performance and reliable readings for a very long time so it can easily be considered a collector’s item; especially if we are talking about the red gold version. Considered by some to be the best of it class, the new models will surely find their place in the respected collection.

Luxury watches have a certain classic style about them that makes them timeless but this doesn’t mean that new models can’t demand attention. On the contrary actually, big luxury watch manufacturers, such as Omega, have to keep up with the times and offer new versions of existing models or even come up with something from scratch. When talking about Omega watches, the Seamaster is one of the most popular and it was the choice of James Bond ever since GoldenEye.

There are now fifty years since the first James Bond movie was released and to mark this occasion, Omega introduced a true collector’s piece, an update from the original Seamaster Diver 300m that would keep up with the changing image of Agent 007 but also keep true to his unique style.

The special edition James Bond 007 50th Anniversary Collector’s Piece is available in two sizes, for men and for women, 41mm and 36.25mm. Made out of stainless steel and with ceramic bezel rings, the watches are truly beautiful and they represent the movie legend perfectly. There are some special touches that keep remembering people why this watch is so special; for example, there are diving scales on the bezel and the number 50 is red while the others are silver. There is also the 007 pattern on the dial and the smaller version has a diamond index for the 7 mark. The back case is very interesting with the gun barrel design and the back of a bullet right in the center that has “James Bond 50 years” engraved on it.

Both versions have the same movement, the calibre 2507 self-winding with a Co-Axial escapement and are a ready to go to great depths or be fashionable for any event. There is also a helium escape valve that allows decompression when diving and, as the name implies, the watch is water resistant for up to 300 m.

The watch is only available in a limited edition, 11,007 for the 41mm version and 3,007 for the 36.25mm version so not every James Bond fan will manage to get their hands on one. The final verdict is that the anniversary update looks incredible with a lot of details that pay homage to the famous spy.

Omega is definitely a master when it comes to luxury watches and this can be seen in every model that bears the logo. This Swiss manufacturer, founded in 1848, is one of the most recognized brands in the world and besides their beautiful designs, they are also proud to have such a rich legacy that includes both NASA and James Bond, a combination not found with many brands. Being a master means always trying to reach perfection and although some say that Omega has done this and then some, we still have the pleasure of having new models to admire.

The first master we are going to talk about is the Omega Seamaster, a perfect representative of luxury and practicality. This timepiece may remind you of James Bond because it was the choice for the movie hero since GoldenEye, before that, 007 used an Omega Submariner. The Seamaster is water resistant for up to 1200 meters due to an ingenious technical feature that allows helium out to balance the pressure. Although Omega is known for making watches for professional divers, they also pay extra attention to the style and, as homage to this tradition, they announced the release of the Omega Planet Ocean. If there is one watch manufacturer that rules the sea, it has to be Omega.

The second master from Omega is the Speedmaster, the choice of NASA for their space expeditions. Being the first watch on the moon was a huge accomplishment for Omega and they earned to honor with the precision of the Speedmaster. Now, Omega gas announced a new addition to the Speedmaster collection, a limited edition Moonwatch Apollo 15 that marks 40 years since the expedition.

Although there is a lot of history in both of these watches, the status symbol that an Omega watch gives to the one that wears it is what makes people want to have one.

What’s the number one watch anybody knows when it comes to important events? It’s Omega of course, the watch that took us to the Moon and came up with new materials that revolutionized watch making.

A Swiss company watch manufacturer, Omega has been in the watch making industry since 1848. Besides being the first choice of NASA when they went to the Moon, this company has been involved in major events and major advertising campaigns. We probably all remember that Omega was the watch James Bond was wearing and it was the official watch for major sports events such as The Olympic Games and it sponsored so many good athletes.

When it comes to celebrity watches, Omega is probably one of the most popular and it has been seen on the wrists of so many respected people such as: Prince William of Weals, John F. Kennedy, George Clooney and even Mao Zedong who apparently wore an Omega watch for 31 years. It seems that Omega watches are not just time pieces and the fact that they were worn by so many influential people makes them even more prestigious.

Some of the most popular models were Omega Seamaser Quartz Professional, worn by Pierce Brosnan in James Bond and also Omega Constellation, a watch that has been for over 48 years in the Omega collection and it’s still one of the favorite ones. Let’s not forget ladies watches from the Constellation collection and the Speedmaster collection, both collection having beautiful pieces.

Omega is indeed a great company and it will remain one of the most influential watch companies in history because it managed to be a part of some of the most important events in the world. A high end company, Omega inspires elegance and class so make sure that you understand the prestige that comes with its watches.