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The watch that makes us think of Cinderella-like stories where the hero from humble beginnings manages to achieve an important status while remaining true to its own style. The Omega De Ville started as a simple line of blue collar watches in the 60s that were not meant for the higher class. Over the years, the same collection has become one of the most valued amongst the Omega brand as well as other big luxury manufacturers in the whole world. With such a nice story behind it, the Omega De Ville is proud to introduce new models to the collection that will have the new in-house calibre 9300 and 9301 movements.

The new models come in either 18-carat red gold or stainless steel and while the materials are very different, both versions look perfect. The red gold version is considered the top of its line and at a price of $29,000, it isn’t meant for everybody. It is important to notice that this expensive watch actually looks expensive and that it has some very interesting micro-mechanics that make it more than just a pretty face amongst its high-valued competitors.

For those that are looking for something a bit more affordable but still get the 42mm of style and class, the stainless steel version will be just perfect. This will just set you back $8,300-9,000 and it keeps the same modern lines and precise movement.

Everything from the refined design to the golden hands indicating the roman numerals represents a certain quality and luxury for which the whole collection has become known over the years, despite its humble beginnings. Depending on the version, there are three dials available; black silver and blue.

Aside from its looks, the new De Ville watches come with a tri-level co-axial escapement that is considered one of the most stable ones on the market. It offers a high performance and reliable readings for a very long time so it can easily be considered a collector’s item; especially if we are talking about the red gold version. Considered by some to be the best of it class, the new models will surely find their place in the respected collection.

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