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Omega is definitely a master when it comes to luxury watches and this can be seen in every model that bears the logo. This Swiss manufacturer, founded in 1848, is one of the most recognized brands in the world and besides their beautiful designs, they are also proud to have such a rich legacy that includes both NASA and James Bond, a combination not found with many brands. Being a master means always trying to reach perfection and although some say that Omega has done this and then some, we still have the pleasure of having new models to admire.

The first master we are going to talk about is the Omega Seamaster, a perfect representative of luxury and practicality. This timepiece may remind you of James Bond because it was the choice for the movie hero since GoldenEye, before that, 007 used an Omega Submariner. The Seamaster is water resistant for up to 1200 meters due to an ingenious technical feature that allows helium out to balance the pressure. Although Omega is known for making watches for professional divers, they also pay extra attention to the style and, as homage to this tradition, they announced the release of the Omega Planet Ocean. If there is one watch manufacturer that rules the sea, it has to be Omega.

The second master from Omega is the Speedmaster, the choice of NASA for their space expeditions. Being the first watch on the moon was a huge accomplishment for Omega and they earned to honor with the precision of the Speedmaster. Now, Omega gas announced a new addition to the Speedmaster collection, a limited edition Moonwatch Apollo 15 that marks 40 years since the expedition.

Although there is a lot of history in both of these watches, the status symbol that an Omega watch gives to the one that wears it is what makes people want to have one.

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