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Omega watches are mostly popular because they have been seen in major events like the Olympic Games or golf tournaments. Another important appearance of this brand in the media was probably when it was worn by James Bond in the famous movies.

But Omega Company is not just famous because they managed to have good advertisement. They are extremely famous for managing to revolutionize the watches industry with their research and new innovative methods to produce watches. They incorporated the co-axial escapement in mass produced watches, which was one of the most significant improvements in the watch industry. Another important event was the 1937 launch of the first waterproof watches, obviously an extremely important revolution in their field.

The first range of automatic watches for series production was another big event and great achievement of Omega. The first official electronic recording was also an event linked t Omega which managed to record electronically during the European Championship in 1966. Another invention was a sort of Touchpad technology that was used by swimmers who were using their fingertips pressure to activate it and this was happening in 1967, way beyond this technology was implemented in other electronic devices. Their more recent invention includes a technology called Liquidmetal a sort of metal made from a zirconium based allow combined with ceramics. This allows for better movement and longevity when it comes to watch manufacturing.

Also, let’s not forget that Omega was the first watch brand that reached the moon, which definitely gives it a spot in history. Omega watches will remain forever in our minds not just because they were there for us during important times but also because their incredible design is hard to forget. We should also ad that without Omega, a lot of watch technologies nowadays wouldn’t exist because they managed to come up with amazing ways to improve watches.

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