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What’s the number one watch anybody knows when it comes to important events? It’s Omega of course, the watch that took us to the Moon and came up with new materials that revolutionized watch making.

A Swiss company watch manufacturer, Omega has been in the watch making industry since 1848. Besides being the first choice of NASA when they went to the Moon, this company has been involved in major events and major advertising campaigns. We probably all remember that Omega was the watch James Bond was wearing and it was the official watch for major sports events such as The Olympic Games and it sponsored so many good athletes.

When it comes to celebrity watches, Omega is probably one of the most popular and it has been seen on the wrists of so many respected people such as: Prince William of Weals, John F. Kennedy, George Clooney and even Mao Zedong who apparently wore an Omega watch for 31 years. It seems that Omega watches are not just time pieces and the fact that they were worn by so many influential people makes them even more prestigious.

Some of the most popular models were Omega Seamaser Quartz Professional, worn by Pierce Brosnan in James Bond and also Omega Constellation, a watch that has been for over 48 years in the Omega collection and it’s still one of the favorite ones. Let’s not forget ladies watches from the Constellation collection and the Speedmaster collection, both collection having beautiful pieces.

Omega is indeed a great company and it will remain one of the most influential watch companies in history because it managed to be a part of some of the most important events in the world. A high end company, Omega inspires elegance and class so make sure that you understand the prestige that comes with its watches.

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